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We are working towards creating a happy, healthy and harmonious world. To get there, we carry out a range of activities / projects in different areas.
“Cycling for humanity” is one such vital programs of Manavata to raise awareness, funds and spread the message. We organize special motivational events and encourage everyone to join in and raise much needed funds for our charitable causes. Funds raised from these events will be used towards some of the Manavata projects.


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Cycling for Humanity 2013 (Patna to Delhi)

Manavata has been doing 100 days relay fasting protest against death of innocent children in school mid-day meal. You might know tragedy happened with 22 children dead in Chapra near Patna in Bihar, similar incidents happened in other places also.  Majority of the schools are not able to meet nutritional mandate originally stated for mid-day meal program. This is all happening due to Selfishness, negligence and lack of consciousness towards duty with humanity!  Many people have completely lost their understanding on healthy food and nutrition. 55% of children are suffering with malnutrition problem.

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