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Cycling for Humanity 2011 Program is a cycle ride along with humanitarian activities

Teaming up for a healthy, happy and harmonious world! We stand as one for better tomorrow!

Earth provides enough to satisfy every man`s need but not every man`s greed - Mahatma Gandhi

Awake! Arise! Act now for better tomorrow!

This is a great opportunity to meet many like minded people and work together for a cause. Please come and join hands to make a positive change in the world and inspire every one around you!

Why we are doing this?

Some of the heart-breaking facts, which we cannot ignore -

o        About 1 billion people are hungry

o        EU & US have experienced extreme winters & floods

o        Torrential rains have rocked Asia and Australia

o        About 20,000 species on Earth are listed endangered, due to irresponsible human activity

o        People world over are suffering from man-made disasters like the oil spill & pollution

Each of us sustain our lives entirely with the resources our planet provides us – so it is our duty & a gratifying act - to protect our planet; take responsibility to change it for better. The change should start from each one of us & at our homes.

Mission: Spread 3H in the world- Create a Healthy, Happy and Harmonious world


  • To raise awareness and enabling people to come close to the nature.
  • To inspire to make a positive change in their lives
  • To encourage  responsible humans to save the planet (humanity)
  • To serve needy and empower poor people
  • To stop misuse of technology and misuse of freedom

Appeal: Please Support the cause & Act now to save the Earth. Please make your home a healthy, happy and harmonious family by bringing positive change.

Join the Challenge for a Humanitarian Cause!

►     100 days!

►     10000 KM cycling!

►     100 Collaborations with charities!

►     500 Volunteers!

►     500 Charity Events!

►     Inspire for a Positive change in 2.5 million people!

►     Help 25000 needy people!

How to contribute:
You can contribute by any of these several means:

  • Participate in cycling
  • Use your skill to serve people (health, medical, blood donation, environment)
  • Help in creating awareness
  • Submitting proposals to regional governments
  • Sharing ideas/innovation for sustainable development
  • Raising funds towards any charity of your choice

Organisational Partners:
International or regional NGOs can join hands and work together in organising the entire drive.

Who can join:

Anyone who is willing to work for a good cause, wants to have a unique experience, wants to contribute to the nature or experience team work and improve personality

What is expected from the participants:

It is expected that each participant will take care of the following:

  • Commitment towards service (Volunteering or Cycling or Both)
  • Their travel arrangements

Route Map 

How it is organized:

  • This is a self-supported and self-funded cycling & volunteering trip

  • The founder of Manavata, Srinivasa Alluri is committed to do total distance of 10,000KM in 100 days!

  • Manavata Telford volunteers Raj and Rao are committed to do 16 days from London to Vienna

  • Many participants are joining other short treks

  • London to Dover short trek is an organized & supported sub-event

  • Mail us on if you need further details.


1.  Srinivasa Alluri has cycled 11350KM over a span of 109 days, commencing from London and 
culminating at Delhi (including Kanyakumari to Kashmir) 
2. During the course of such an endeavour, he has also had the pleasure, privilege and fortune 
of coming into fruitful contact with a sea of humanity comprising more than 50,000 and also 
more than 50 institutions He has also derived and delivered inspirations at various individual 
meetings, seminars and local media interactions. 
3. The CFH programme got enviable support in general from citizen of all the 14 countries 
traversed and particularly from UK, Germany, Turkey, Iran and India 
4. 500 willing volunteers worked together in 500+ different events in CFH 
5. This also provided a great platform and a lasting pedestal for serving people. 
6. A phenomenal opportunity to lend a helping hand to those in need in various ways 
7. Got opportunity to engage in flood relief activities which incidentally was instrumental in 
lending succour to more than 5000 people in 15 different villages in Jajpur district, Orissa, 
8. Enlivening commitment from many an inspired young populace by way of enlisting in the 3H 
9. Invigorating Medical camps and purposeful plantation drives undertaken the help of 
motivated volunteers. 
10. Great learning from many intellectuals & nature along the route. 
11. Around 200 cyclists joined in this movement in different parts of the world for some 
distance. Raj Marni did 1800KM London to Austria, Prakash Alluri and Sunil M did 700KM 
from Chennai to Kakinada. 
Objectives of CFH at beginning: 
► Cycling for a cause - 10000 KM cycling in 100 days 
► Planting 100,000 saplings 
► 100 Collaborations 
► 500 Volunteers participation in CFH 2011 
► 500 Charity Events 
► Positive change in 2.5 million people 
► Help 25000 people 
► Initiate 500 village adoption program for Sustainable rural development
Cycling for Humanity 2011 (London to Delhi) for more details and updates  Click here .
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